What it Really Means When your Tarot Cards Won’t Give You A Clear Answer

This may be a familiar situation: You ask a question, shuffle your tarot or oracle cards, and what you receive in the spread just doesn’t make any sense. The cards are contradictory or simply aren’t leaning one way or another. If you’re a new reader, most likely you just need more practice, but eventually every experienced reader encounters this problem. So what’s going on? The problem isn’t that you don’t know the cards well enough. The problem is that you are being called to level-up your intuitive ability.

When working with tarot, there’s a definite feeling that someone else is talking through the cards. Some say it’s simply your own self, but I say it’s your Spirit Guides specifically. Spirit Guides easily convey messages to us through synchronicities and coincidences. When we shuffle and draw cards, those synchronicities line up into an easy to read card spread. Most of the time the cards can be read like you’re reading a sentence. But other times when you receive a confusing reading you can’t help but get the impression that the answer is being purposefully withheld from you. When this happens, it’s because your Spirit Guides are calling on you to try something different.

Your Spirit Guides are asking you to channel them directly.

Although a tarot deck contains 78 cards, sometimes an issue is too important to try to relay to you in such limited means. You’re guides would rather sit down and talk to you than just give a yes or no answer. They know this issue is important to you and want to give it the respect it deserves. They are also giving you the opportunity to take your intuitive development to the next level.

So how does one do that? There are many basic guided meditations out there where you imagine yourself meeting with your spirit guides in a castle or a temple or what-have-you and your guides tell you their names and give you a message. This one by James Van Praagh is very similar to the other ones I have done:

The first time I tried to meet My Spirit Guides using one of these guided meditations, it just didn’t work. If this happens with you, my advice is to just keep trying! One day I was doing the meditation I think for the fourth time and it just clicked. Now I have unlimited access to my guides whenever I want and it has been a total game-changer! I do have plans on making a definitive video on working with your spirit guides. For now, getting my kickstarter ready has been taking up all my free time. But I promise that there are more videos coming soon!

If your cards are calling you to draw on your intuitive skills more and to rely on the cards less, this is a very exciting time for you! You are being called for something bigger. Heed this call. It will change your life.

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