My Oracle Deck is Now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Holy crap my oracle deck is on Kickstarter!!

It’s hard to believe the project is finally LIVE! You can check it out here!

Also check out the promo video I made below:

I’ve bought a number of oracle decks off of Kickstart over the years and I can honestly say I had no idea prior to this how much it really took to take something from an idea to finally bringing it to launch! Just getting everything squared away with the printer so I could get a proof deck in hand took two months!

The good news is that I am so unbelievably happy with the deck. I was expecting that I’d get the proof deck and discover all sorts of things wrong with it but I can honestly say that it’s perfect. All I’ll need to do is place the order with the printer once the Kickstarter ends and everything will be all set!

I did reach out to Saint Expedite on this and I can honestly say he has come through for me once again. I think I might have to formally thank him by adding him as a card in a future oracle deck. Thank you Saint Expedite for getting this deck in my hands ahead of schedule!

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