2022 Month-to-Month Predictions for each Zodiac Sign!

Hello everyone and Happy Winter Solstice! The days will start getting longer from here on out and as they do, we find ourselves looking forward to the year ahead.

2022 is looking to me to be a year of important cultural shifts in the collective. I like where things are going, but I would be lying if I said that there is nothing you need to be on the lookout for. There are definitely a few tricky spots and I cannot emphasize enough that this is not a year to be cutting corners!

In the beginning of this video I give my general predictions for 2022 followed by a month-to-month tarot and astrological breakdown for each individual sign. I have also added chapters below so that you can skip ahead to any particular signs that interest you!

0:00 : General Predictions for 2022

6:36 : Aries

18:02 : Taurus

30:06 : Gemini

41:04 : Cancer

51:32 : Leo

1:02:59 : Virgo

1:14:50 : Libra

1:24:01 : Scorpio

1:39:16 : Sagittarius

1:52:56 : Capricorn

2:05:27 : Aquarius

2:18:11 : Pisces

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