My encounter with the Golden Healing Light

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had experiences with healing entities, also sometimes referred to as Spirit Doctors. I had been curious about these beings for a while, but not so curious that I was going to try to force an encounter. In the past I would have tried to do that, but I’m at a place now where I’m more willing to trust in Divine Timing and just allow things to evolve as they are meant to. Well, last night was such a night.

I awoke to the sound of movement in my bedroom and opened my eyes to see a group of people gathered around me. I was startled by this and that woke my husband up who then told me it was nothing. Usually when I see spirits, they look translucent and that’s how I know they are spirits, but sometimes (rarely) they will appear as real and solid as you or I and I will be startled because I think there’s a stranger in my house. But seeing that my husband couldn’t see anything, I knew that these must be spirits and was no longer afraid.

For context, a week ago I came back from a trip to Bali. The spirit people I saw in my bedroom looked Indonesian. They were all different age groups: children, adults, some elderly people. There was a man holding a baby. It was almost like maybe something had happened and a whole village was killed.

If you’re not a medium, this part is going to sound strange but I’m at a place in my life where if spirits want to talk to me I’m not necessarily going to drop everything and attend to that. Life has to go on. There are things I need to do. I wanted to go back to sleep. I do have time set aside every day for spirit “office hours” where random spirits can commune with me, otherwise I have to have some kind of boundaries in my life.

Anywho… I close my eyes to go back to sleep and I can feel the spirits come over to the side of the bed, and what happens next gets a little weird. I can feel them touching my leg, then my arm, etc. and each time they touch me, I can feel myself being freed from my body into a state of astral projection. I knew that they wanted me to astral project so that they could show me something in the astral realm.

I’ve astral projected before, but I haven’t done it much because I find it to be a very freaky experience. For those of you who haven’t astral projected, in theory your soul walks out of your body. While in that state, everything feels very real. The ground still feels solid beneath your feet. You can touch things and they feel the way they would normally feel. The only difference is that you can still see your body lying wherever you left it and it feels like your buzzing. If you get too excited or anxious while doing it, your heart will start pounding very fast back in your physical body, and that will cause you to get sucked back into your body again.

So I can feel myself being put into an astral state, but I’m resisting leaving my body. Part of me wanted to go off with them and see whatever it was they wanted to show me and part of me was too anxious and not ready for that kind of experience. The spirits kept touching me and putting me into an astral state for a while, but once it was clear to them (and me!) that I didn’t want to go, they stopped. And then I saw the Golden Healing Light.

I became completely enveloped in the Golden Healing Light. It was all I could see, all I could think about, all I could sense and experience. As cartoonish as the picture above looks, that is the best approximation I could find of what it looked like. It was this sparkly golden light, but even just saying that is a huge minimization of what it truly was.

As I was experiencing this, I didn’t want it to end. It was a feeling of pure bliss. I wanted to merge with it and become one with it. In other words, cease to exist as a human being and instead be one with the healing light. That didn’t happen, and eventually the light left me and went back to wherever it came from. It’s hard to say how long the experience lasted. It felt like it lasted “a while”, but I’m not sure how to quantify that in terms of how many minutes it was.

I had heard about The Golden Healing Light previously. I’ve never read her books, but apparently Louise Hay writes about it as a force that anyone can call upon at any time to heal anything physical, mental, or spiritual. If that sounds too out-there for you, you might want to look into RJ Spina and hear his story of how he healed his “permanent paralysis” using meditation and will-power. Or you can read about any number of modern miracles recognized by the Catholic Church.

So what am I to make this happening in my life now? Like I said, I was recently in Bail. Bali is recognized as a spiritual epicenter. There are said to be a thousand Gods and Goddesses on this one island. There are temples everywhere. You cannot help but become saturated in the spiritual energy. II figured out a lot about myself while I was there and the healing insights have not stopped since coming home. Its to the point where I’m feeling like there might not be anything left to “figure out”.

I don’t think the Balinese spirits I saw last night were spirits in the traditional sense. I’m now thinking these were higher-level non-human entities. It’s not that uncommon for angels or Gods to take human form or to appear as a helpful stranger in your life. I’m also questioning if these were perhaps Spirit Doctors.

It’s been a plan of mine for a while to do a video about Spirit Doctors, but I don’t want to do it until I’ve gathered more life experience with them and really know what I’m talking about. So that will happen eventually, but for now I’d love to hear from you. Have you had experiences with Spirit Doctors or the Golden Healing Light? I’d love to hear your story in a comment below!

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