This one Law Of Attraction trick has never failed me

Some years ago I used to be self employed and ran my own little solo business. I felt like I had gotten good enough in my career that I could cut out the middle man so-to-speak and just work for myself. But several months into the business I didn’t have a single customer. I decided to use LOA (law of attraction) to give me the boost I needed.

I tried different LOA techniques but I wasn’t getting anywhere. Then the idea came to me. It felt so right that I knew it would work. I committed to repeating to myself daily:

“I have more business than I can handle”

It truly was not long after that that things picked up. At less than a year in, my part-time business was earning me as much money as my full time job. I quit the job to free up more time for the business. Those freed-up hours were quickly filled in with additional clients.

At first it was amazing. I was so over-joyed you can’t even imagine. But then things just kept building and building. I was so in-demand that I stopped all advertising. I stopped updating my website. At one point I even paid a company to try to erase all mention of my business off the internet. But there was still so much word-of-mouth that it didn’t matter. My inbox was overflowing!

It may sound like I’m bragging, but the amount of business I had truly became a problem. People would get angry at me if I went on vacation. If I told a prospective client I was currently all booked, they simply wouldn’t take no for an answer. I had a guy show up at my house in addition to a couple of stalker situations. Would-be clients would call my work cell in the middle of the night. I was run ragged. It was truly more business than I could handle. And so, after 7 years and what most people would describe as a successful business I was dying to go back to a 9-to-5 job. I learned a lot of valuable lessons but God was I tired.

Some years later I found that as friends took jobs in other states and moved away, my amount of friends had whittled away to nearly nothing. It’s very hard to make friends in your 30s and I would never say I was great at it in the first place. I tried my LOA trick again:

“I have more friends than I can handle”

What could go wrong this time? It’s just friends! I even convinced myself that having too many friends would be a good thing. And just like that, suddenly people were coming out of the woodwork. I quickly ended up with a larger friend group than I’ve ever had in my entire life. I was receiving invitations to hang-out every weekend and throughout the week as well. People were so into me it was actually kind of creepy. I had never been Miss Popular before. I didn’t know how to handle it.

As I began putting up boundaries around my time and availability, these friends got very pushy. It was just liked before; people wouldn’t take no for an answer. I found myself longing wistfully for the days when I had no friends. Just like with the business, I eventually found myself so overwhelmed that I had to quit my friendships.

Now what’s interesting about this technique is that it seems like once it gets started there’s no stopping it. It’s like a runaway train. Believe me, I tried doing LOA to put things into balance, but found it wouldn’t work.

If you’ve done any research on Law of Attraction, you know that when it really works, it’s because we’re in alignment with that goal. It’s easier to put yourself into alignment with being stressed out and overwhelmed than it is to being in alignment with something as miraculous and unexpected as say winning the lottery. That’s probably why my technique seems to work so well. You’re free to experiment with it yourself. Maybe you’ll figure out a way to make it work without the inevitable consequences.

Now even though this technique has always ended in disaster for me, I wouldn’t call it a total loss. Truly every time I’ve learned something valuable from the experience. You may have heard the phrase “It’s not always good for you to get everything you want”. Now at first this phrase may seem anti-LOA, but I don’t agree. I believe that LOA and having these experiences of being able to make things happen metaphysically is a major step in spiritual development. However, I do believe that there are steps that come after too.

Our guides want us to be active participants in our destiny. It’s okay to day dream and to want things for yourself! However something that my guides stress to me over and over again is to “slow down”. If you let things flow to you in divine timing, when you’re meant to receive them, having learned everything you were meant to learn along the way, it doesn’t become a disaster. It becomes a blessing. But we have to be okay with patience.

I truly believe that patience is one of the universal life lessons we are all meant to learn here on Earth. Life is so short and it can feel like we need everything to happen right now or we’re going to miss our chance. But when you have that attitude, you miss so much more. Theresa D’avila said that with patience everything is possible. That’s not just a saying. Once you let go and understand that, you’re able to take law of attraction to the next level.

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