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A Definitive Guide to the Higher Self

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  1. Natalie says:

    Hello there! I love this post. While I hadn’t thought about it consciously, I definitely agree and resonate with your thoughts on the higher self being a future self having lived all our past lives. Especially since time is ever proving to not be linear.

    Also the duality of the our selves and God / the higher self and all being one but also being separate is very much aligned with my beliefs. The universe and consciousness are so vast that there must be an infinite number of truths such as this.

    My name is Natalie. I just bought your deck! I also plan to check out your YouTube channel. I have a few old videos myself under the name “Goddess Undone” if you can even find them. I may also launch an oracle deck myself on kickstarter in the near future. As such I would love to communicate with you.

    All the Best,


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